Maximize your rental property profitability.

The financial management software designed to automate landlord finances.

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simple rent collection

Collect rent on time

Set rent collection on autopilot and access rent in as little as 2 days.
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Tenants pay free via ACH.
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Automatically remind and charge late fees.
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Easy for tenants to use.
Automate your rent collection and have confidence that your rent will be on time, every time.
landlord banking

Separate property funds

Open operating accounts for each property and unit. Store security deposits separately.
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FDIC-insured deposits.
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No ACH fees. Unlimited accounts.
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No credit checks. No minimums.
Finance and business banking seamlessly integrated with technology.
easy-to-use bookkeeping

Keep books organized

Schedule E deductions categorized in one click. Track expenses by property and unit.
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Instantly issue virtual and physical cards.
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Add receipts and notes onto expenses.
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Ready for Apple, Google, Samsung mobile wallets.
Track spend automatically with the Nophin Spend debit card.
Rental property analytics

Understand profitability

Analyze each investment. Automatically calculate returns by property and portfolio.
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Get transaction alerts on spend.
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Compare historical expenses.
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Your financial data belongs to you.
Get financial insights and know exactly how to grow your rental property business.

Purpose built by landlords for landlords

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