Get instant access to your monthly rental income.

Gone are the days when you need to wait a whole month to collect your money. Nophin provides Active Property Investors with their monthly rental revenues upfront. Your Tenants can pay rent directly from their phones.
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Keep your assets yours.

Properties appreciate, on average, ~3.5% each year. So don't take on debt or give away equity because you work hard for what's yours.

Hard Money and Personal Loans provide fast cash but require up to an additional 15% interest on top of the principal. Mortgages solicit more information and take up to 50 days to close.

Typically, only debt and equity financing options are available.
Convert your lease agreement into a lump sum.

Working on the same team.

If you trust your Tenants, that's good enough for us. Nophin collects rent on your behalf and treats your Tenants the way you would.

Landlords use Nophin to sell their annual lease proceeds for a lump sum. In the event your Tenant falls behind with their payments, Nophin will work with you to find alternatives.

Maintain your flexibility.

Whether you need money for a major event or you just want to treat yourself, Nophin is here for you.

By front-loading you the money, you can focus on what matters: delivering a great experience. Nophin works with Landlords and Tenants for the long haul.

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How it works

Upload your annual Lease to Nophin to see if you qualify.
Nophin buys your Lease and begins collecting rent from your Tenants.
You still reap appreciation and control benefits of active investing.

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Getting a HELOC, taking cash out from a refinance, or borrowing cash is often laborious and predatory. Get the cash flow you'll earn over the course of the year, today, to treat yourself or grow your business.
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