Convert your rental leases into upfront cash

Access 1 year's rent in as little as 1 day without touching debt or equity.

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Get cash now

Rental income, on demand instead of waiting 45+ days for traditional lenders.


Upload your leases

Upload all your leases.

Upload all your leases, whether M2M or annual, we can handle it.


Link your bank

Connect your rental data.

Connect your rental bank accounts and share your rent roll.


Get funded

Select leases you want to trade.

Select the leases you want to trade and get your payout.

Cash for growth and expenses

Nophin fronts you your money your tenants would otherwise pay over 12 months.

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For property investors by property investors

fast payouts
Fast payouts

In as little as 24 hours, get up to your portfolio's Free Cash Flow in one lump sum. No credit check. Use for any purpose.

flexible terms
No operational hassle

Continue collecting rent the way you choose. Pay back monthly with the exact same terms as your lease agreement.

no hidden fees
Not a loan

Customers pay one flat fee based on operational expertise. No origination, interest, processing, and hidden fees.

fuel your growth
Fuel for growth

Fuel to help you expand your portfolio while keeping your hard earned money and appreciation to yourself.

Rental income, on demand

Happy landlords love Nophin's ease, simplicity, and speed.

Landlord in CA

Wished I had known of Nophin when I was a heavy-duty, hardcore flipper. Instead of selling all those properties, I should have kept them as rentals, get the rent cash advance from Nophin, and get more properties.

Property Investor in CA

Getting a lease advance is icing on a cake, even with LPs in the fund. Nophin's rent advance allows me to use the money for maintenance or distribute a dividend one or two quarters ahead of time.

Property Investor in CT

We turned the leases of a high yield property into the down payment of another property. The liquidity made available resulted in two assets worth nearly 17.5x the original equity in. This is huge for us! We plan on using Nophin again.

Landlord in PA and NJ

I really appreciate this niche. This type of company is unique and fits certain landlords in certain circumstances. It's worthy of a landlord better understanding the benefits—and pros and cons to working with you.

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