Finance and banking for modern landlords.

Landlords use Nophin's secure technology to save time, increase returns, and automate rental property finances.

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Manage money

Organize finances

Open dedicated operating bank accounts for each property and unit. Store tenant security deposits in separate accounts.
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FDIC insured up to $250,000.
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No monthly fees. No transfer fees. No minimums.
Finance and business banking seamlessly integrated with technology.
Spend money

Spend responsibly

Automatically categorize expenses by their Schedule E deductions. See projected tax savings every time you swipe your card.
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Spend on virtual and physical debit cards.
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Store receipts and add notes.
Track spend automatically with the Nophin Spend debit card.
Optimize money

Get financial insights

Instantly calculate returns by unit and property. Use technology to take control of finances and grow at your own pace.
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Compare rent prices to the market.
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Know your spending with transaction alerts.
Get financial insights and know exactly how to grow your rental property business.
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Collect rent on time

Digitally collect rent on time and safely store your income and funds with Nophin. Never chase late payments from tenants again.
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Accept rent via ACH.
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Automate reminders and fees.

Property banking and finance built by landlords.

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