The card that saves landlords time with every swipe.

Virtual and physical cards integrated with software to help you track receipts, automatically categorize transactions, and streamline tax prep.

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Spend responsibly

Automatically categorize expenses by their Schedule E deductions. See projected tax savings every time you swipe your card.
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Spend on virtual and physical debit cards.
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Store receipts and add notes.
Track spend automatically with the Nophin Spend debit card.

Save time and money while spending.

FDIC insured and 128-bit encryption.

Digitized records

AI-powered expense and property categorization to maintain organization and maximize write-offs.
FDIC insured and 128-bit encryption.

Intuitive controls

Restrict cards and monitor transactions. No more stress about unauthorized use.
FDIC insured and 128-bit encryption.

Instant cards

Create cards for any purpose and begin spending instantly. Set limits to stay under a preset budget.

Spending powered by technology.

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A modern finance suite.