What is a Sublease?

A sublease is usually a lease contract between a tenant and a subtenant. The subtenant inherits the lease terms the tenant signed.

  • If the subtenant only pays a partial amount of rent, the tenant would need to make up the difference.
  • The tenant is still required to ensure the subtenant abides by the tenant's responsibilities.
  • The lease will still conclude on the same day the tenant's lease ends.

Do landlords have to allow subletting?

As a landlord, you can write it in the lease that you prohibit subletting. However, some cities do have ordinances that prevent the subletting prohibition from being enforced. If you choose to allow subletting, it's important to also be a part of the process. Some of the things you can do include:

  • Requiring that tenants request written permission to sublet.
  • Requiring that subtenants be screened by the landlord.

If you're not a fan of subletting, you can also allow the tenant to break their lease early for an early termination fee. This fee can cover the vacancy risk as well as the costs of finding a new tenant.

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