Schedule E

Schedule E

What is Schedule E?

The Schedule E, also known as IRS Form 1040, details a taxpayer's supplemental income and loss. Taxpayers can be individuals, partnerships, S Corps, and more. The Schedule E form is intended for property investors who are actively investing in real estate and deductions taken require supporting documentation.

What's in the Schedule E?

The IRS will always have the most up-to-date information on how to file your Schedule E to maximize your deductions. We'll go over the general information you'll need. You can also use Nophin's software to categorize transactions with one click and save time when you file for taxes without missing a single deduction.

You can file a separate Schedule E for each business. Keep track of the following information:

  • Type of property (eg. multifamily, single family, commercial, land, etc.)
  • Expenses for each category (many of these are detailed in our blog post on Common Tax Deductions)
  • Rental income
  • Real estate losses

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