Month-to-month (M2M)

Month-to-month (M2M)

What is Month-to-Month?

Month-to-Month (M2M) is a rental agreement that must be renewed on a monthly basis by both the tenant and the landlord. Tenants get more flexibility as a result of this arrangement but often have to pay a higher rent price.

Why offer a M2M lease?

There are a few reasons why month-to-month leases can be good for landlords:

  1. Flexibility. With adequate notice, landlords can more raise the rent when it makes sense. Since the lease has to be renewed each month, landlords can price their rental unit similarly to the current market rate.
  2. Issue resolution. If there are any irreconcilable issues between a landlord and a tenant, the landlord can choose to terminate a lease with just one month's notice.

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